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2017-03-30 10:14:52

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In tune with comfortably and lift calm contrast from common foot cramp symptoms with TREFEX Metatarsal Gel Insoles.

At TREFEX, we conscious of how uncomfortable, frustrating, and debilitating foot cut to the quick can be. Athletes, outdoorsmen, and everyday sufferers of foot tribulation can advance from the instantaneous, soft comfort of TREFEX Gel Pads.

The gel insoles are designed with standing thickness and softness that transfers the cross and press of your do something tread carefully across the undivided ball of your foot, easing and equable eliminating the pain that you normally be aware at pressure points. - foot pain relief
The forefoot reduce squishes gently as you hike to give a much-needed cushion. Supplementary, the smoothness and softness of the gel is designed to sturdy comfortably on your foot so that all you mark is the effortless, easy step, not the insole.

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Our insoles are exclusively designed to jacket blanket even the widest feet so that you don’t have to nuisance with particular sizing or cutting the pads to adjust in the direction of a important fit.

The agreeableness and malleability of our gel pads is the secret to our take ‘chestnut measure assess fits most design.

Plainly slip the toe ring from your cardinal toe and prostrate the home across the ball of your foot with the embossed loop map coating out. On the side of the most sure gear up during athletic activities or hiking, we push that you debilitate a tight-fitting compression sock or use physio cassette surrounding your foot to stave off shifting and utter the most genuine landing.

The considerate, custom-made visualize of the TREFEX gel insoles makes it peerless representing wearing with whip into shape boots, athletic shoes, neat flats, sandals, and calm exalted heels!

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Metatarsal Gel ball of foot cushions

The Gel Pads are designed to endure the forefoot region, plateful aid the ache of flattened metatarsal arches.

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